The Noise About Re-Branding – Has it Really Changed Nigeria?

Nigeria as a country has experienced untold difficulty in the possession of her past political pioneers who were twisted on self enhancement and acting contents composed by their patrons. As the maxim, “No condition is super durable” goes, one can see today that God is continuously drawing out the excellence of this nation called NIGERIA.

The nation has delivered a lot of individuals that poor person just did right by us, however have cut a specialty for themselves, printing their names in the set of Ebira Tribe experiences book of records to such an extent that nobody can deny they at any point existed.

In the beyond a great deal of things have been done or experienced of which we are not pleased. Such things that can bring doubt among siblings or countries, yet we really want to push forward as a group in one world. The facts confirm that regardless of how one attempts to cover a hurt experienced from a sibling, a companion or even a friend or family member, something might happen one day to trigger one’s memory.

History has a method of administering judgment. Nigeria has resembled the awful kid of the Whiteman, however that was previously, yet the Whiteman has not tracked down a valid justification to excuse. We recollect the times of advance charge misrepresentation that painted the country with dull shadings, at this point those Nigerians were in good company – they have White companions and partners that help them in those demonstrations. Nigeria was in good company in those detestable demonstrations, in any case, individuals will in any case accept that another race is answerable for their status throughout everyday life.

At the point when the Blacks think back, history helps them to remember the subjugation of subjection that keeps them in inconvenience with the Whites. In a similar hand, the Whites are rankled with the revolting acts of the Blacks to such an extent that they couldn’t take them to certainty. Every one of these host hampered the advancement of the two gatherings. However amidst these distinctions, both the Blacks and the Whites are intended to live respectively in this world – the Whites need the Blacks thus do the Blacks need the Whites.